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January Construction Update


Jan 18, 2024

Site preparation and early construction works continue at the Woodfibre LNG site. This includes tree clearing and grubbing, grading and preparations for fill to create the base for facility construction to begin in 2024. This work is being performed by Woodfibre LNG’s construction sub-contractor LBLNG, and their various sub-contractors.

Kiewit has two piling barges, and two other derrick barges at site to support work that is occurring during the marine window of least risk (under regulatory approvals, all in water work is conducted between August 15-January 31). This work includes the installation of piles to support the mooring structure for the incoming MV Isabelle (Floatel).

Shoreline demolition and reconfiguration is advancing, which includes the removal of derelict historic infrastructure (including concrete structure and creosote piles), and placement of new rip-rap along the shoreline to protect against erosion. Shoreline works are in preparation for future marine infrastructure, such as a marine offloading facility that will accept modules for the facility, and the floating storage tanks that will store the LNG once the facility is operational.

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