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Squamish Nation Council approves agreements for Woodfibre LNG Project


Nov 23, 2018

North Vancouver, BC, Canada –  On November 23, 2018, Squamish Nation Council announced that it had voted and approved three agreements regarding the Woodfibre LNG Project. The three agreements are with Woodfibre LNG Limited, FortisBC, and the Province of British Columbia. These agreements mean Squamish Nation has given approval for the Woodfibre LNG Project to proceed.

Squamish Nation Council’s announcement is available, here.

Byng Giraud, Vice President, Corporate Affairs, Woodfibre LNG Limited also released a statement about the approval:

“As a company, we are pleased to have fulfilled another key condition of the Squamish Nation’s environmental certificate for the Woodfibre LNG Project.

The Woodfibre LNG Project is the first industrial project to undergo Squamish Nation’s groundbreaking environmental assessment process – and is the first industrial project in Canada to be awarded an environmental certificate by an Indigenous government.

We believe the Squamish Nation process and the resulting conditions are an important pathway to economic reconciliation.

We continue to work to meet all Squamish Nation conditions for the Woodfibre LNG Project. These conditions include co-authoring environmental management plans and Squamish Nation environmental monitoring through construction, operation and decommissioning of the Woodfibre LNG Project.”

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