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Squamish Nation Environmental Assessment Agreement


Oct 19, 2015

On October 14, 2015, Squamish Nation Council voted to approve an Environmental Assessment Agreement and issued an Environmental Certificate for the Woodfibre LNG project.

The agreement comes from Squamish Nation’s independent environmental assessment of the project, which began more than two years ago, and includes legally binding conditions that Woodfibre LNG Limited is required to meet for the project to move forward.

Among these conditions:

  • Squamish Nation has a direct say on our cooling technology
  • No LNG carrier travelling to the Woodfibre site will bunker in Howe Sound
  • No expansion of Woodfibre LNG operations without Squamish Nation consent
  • We will co-manage environmental management plans

The Squamish Nation environmental assessment process is likely the first of its kind in Canada, and we’re proud to have participated in this groundbreaking new process.

The Squamish Nation Environmental Assessment Agreement means we can build a better project; one that protects traditional land, water and heritage resources, and brings responsible economic opportunity to the region.

To learn more about the Squamish Nation Environmental Assessment Agreement for the Woodfibre LNG project, please visit the Squamish Nation web site.

Have any questions about Woodfibre LNG? Please visit our Q & A web site,

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