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Environmental Assessment Review Period for Woodfibre LNG Resumes


Aug 11, 2015

SQUAMISH, B.C. – Woodfibre LNG Limited’s request to resume the 180-day Environmental Assessment Review Period for its proposed Woodfibre LNG Project has been granted by the BC Environmental Assessment Office (EAO). The decision is effective August 10, 2015, on day 168 of the 180-day review period. 

On June 30, 2015, the EAO granted a temporary suspension of the review period to allow Woodfibre LNG Limited to further engage Squamish Nation on the conditions of Squamish Nation’s environmental review of the Woodfibre LNG Project, and to submit a report to the EAO that fulfils the requirements of the provincial and federal environmental assessment processes.

“Woodfibre LNG Limited has formally notified Squamish Nation that it has accepted all of the conditions of its environmental review and is committed to reaching a formal agreement,” said Byng Giraud, Vice President, Corporate Affairs, Woodfibre LNG Limited.

“At the same time, Woodfibre LNG Limited also has been working to fulfill the requirements of the provincial and federal environmental assessment processes,” added Giraud. “We believe we have now fulfilled these requirements and can restart the environmental review period.”

The Woodfibre LNG Project entered the 180-day Environmental Assessment Application Review Phase on January 13, 2015. The environmental assessment period was originally scheduled to end on July 13, 2015.

The Woodfibre LNG Project is undergoing a substituted process whereby the BC EAO leads the assessment under both the BC Environmental Assessment Act, and the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act (2012). The substituted process requires both a provincial and federal decision based on the outcome of the provincial regulatory review.  

The Woodfibre LNG Project site is located on the traditional territory of Squamish Nation and is undergoing a separate independent environmental review. On June 26, 2015, the Squamish Nation issued 25 conditions related to the Woodfibre LNG Project that apply to Woodfibre LNG Limited, FortisBC, and the Government of British Columbia. Thirteen of the conditions apply directly to Woodfibre LNG Limited. 

“We have agreed to the conditions of Squamish Nation’s environmental review of our Project, and are working with Squamish Nation to reach a formal agreement,” said Giraud. “Woodfibre LNG remains committed to the Squamish Nation environmental process.”

The Squamish Nation environmental review process is independent from the provincial and federal environmental assessment of the Woodfibre LNG Project.

For Woodfibre LNG Limited, achieving an agreement with Squamish Nation and receiving provincial and federal regulatory approvals are important steps toward making a final investment decision on the Woodfibre LNG Project.

About Woodfibre LNG Limited 

Woodfibre LNG Limited is proposing to build a liquefied natural gas (LNG) processing and export facility at the former Woodfibre Pulp and Paper Mill near Squamish, BC.

The Woodfibre LNG Project comprises construction and operation of a gas processing and liquefaction facility to produce approximately 2.1 million tonnes per annum of LNG, associated storage capacity of 250,000 m3, and export infrastructure.

For more information about the project, please visit or send an email to

Click here to view the letter from the EAO to Woodfibre LNG Limited, which resumes the 180-day Application Review Period for the Woodfibre LNG Project.


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