Listening to local residents and responding to your priorities and concerns is a key part of everything we do and every decision we make.

To date, we have participated in seven Open Houses, 10 small group meetings, and 10 stakeholder meetings as part of three rounds of formal public consultation.

We have also held more than 300 stakeholder meetings and two telephone halls as part of our own community consultation program.

While the Environmental Assessment Office did not schedule a meeting for Gambier Island, we held our own Roundtable Discussion there to ensure people have access to the information they want about our Project.

Thanks to the public’s thoughtful questions and comments, we’ve been able to make important improvements to our Project. For example, after hearing concerns about air quality, we committed to powering our plant with electricity from BC Hydro. This will reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by about 80 per cent and make Woodfibre LNG one of the cleanest LNG plants in the world. We’ve also been listening on how we can be a good neighbour, not only to local businesses and residents, but to wildlife as well.

The conversation is far from over, and we want to keep talking to people in the community and responding to your concerns. In fact, that’s exactly why we launched this new interactive site, to ensure people can reach Project experts directly and get timely answers to your questions.