Thanks for the question.

LNG facilities are very safe and it is not uncommon for them to be located near major population centres.  For example, there are LNG facilities located in Tokyo Bay, Boston Harbor and Barcelona. Closer to home, LNG has been produced on Tilbury Island in Delta since 1971.

Woodfibre’s proposed site is seven kilometers away from downtown Squamish and the Project is being designed to meet extremely high safety standards. As just one example, the Woodfibre LNG Project is being designed for a one in a 2,475-year earthquake. We are also planning to make ground improvements at the site to address the potential for liquefaction.

And that’s just one aspect of our robust safety plan. Other measures include state-of-the-art alarms, control and monitoring systems, containment systems and fire and leak detection systems. All of this will be backstopped by vigorous maintenance programs, emergency response plans, employee training and state of art equipment.

At Woodfibre, we are designing a facility that will not only safe, but also right for the community.