Hi Eric,

Thanks for your question.

A fair bit of work has already taken place to clean the Woodfibre site and bring it to the industrial standards of today. This includes the remediation of contaminated upland soils and the closure of a historical on-site asbestos disposal area, among other things. This work has all been completed and reviewed by the BC Ministry of the Environment, which issued related Certificates of Compliance prior to the sale of the site to Woodfibre LNG.

We’ve also committed to closing the existing on site landfill following construction of the facility.

You may be interested in knowing that we have also committed to removing approximately 3,000 creosote-coated piles from the waterfront in the Project area and creating a Green Zone around Mill Creek.

This work will be carried out in partnership with the local Streamkeepers society and other relevant groups, so that local conservation and restoration targets can be met.