We know how important this is to residents throughout Howe Sound.

Our experts have conducted a series of studies as part of our Environmental Assessment Certificate (EAC) Application, and our team is developing plans to mitigate any impacts our Project may have.

For example, we will use already cleared space whenever we can to reduce our impact on the local environment. Plus, we will replant native trees and shrubs where possible after construction.

Our Project also means the Woodfibre site is being cleaned up from years of industrial use so it meets the industrial standards of today. As part of this effort, hundreds of truckloads of wood waste have already been removed from the foreshore. The on-site landfill will also be closed, and we will remove approximately 3,000 creosote coated piles from the waterfront in the Project area.

We have also made an important commitment to power our plant with electricity from BC Hydro, making Woodfibre one of the cleanest LNG facilities in the world.

These are just a few of the measures we are taking to protect our environment on land and water. More detailed information is available in the application we submitted for our EAC application.