Hi Miles,

Thank you for the questions.

The Woodfibre LNG Project is moving forward.

We recently completed our competitive Front End Engineering Design (FEED) process and are continuing to work with KBR, Inc. (NYSE: KBR) of Houston, TX.  If you need a reminder on our competitive bid process – it was between KBR and JGC.  Our media release from October 2016 is here.  We are no longer working with JGC (and its subcontractor Fluor).

As for what happens next: we are currently working through some technical aspects of the Project; continue to address permitting and other regulatory requirements, and, we will be working through the terms and conditions of an Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contract.

Our estimated construction period has been two to three years, and our site is indeed accessible by air and water only (no road access).

As you likely know, projects of this scale have a lot of stages that impact overall schedule.  We’ve been communicating that the timing of the completion of FEED and EPC contract award will impact the overall schedule (not to mention permitting and other authorizations), which is why we’ll update our project schedule closer to EPC contract award in 2018.

As for potential job and contracting opportunities, please feel free to visit the Work With Us  section of our web site.

Warm regards,

Woodfibre LNG Team

Date: November 20, 2017

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