Hi Richard,

Thank you for the question.

No matter what time of day an LNG carrier would transit Howe Sound, Woodfibre LNG will have a number of protocols in place to help ensure safety on the water, and on land. Should our project go ahead, an LNG carrier will transit Howe Sound on established shipping lanes about once every 10 days.

Similar to what Squamish Terminals does now, we’ll also post the LNG carrier schedule on our website, so all boaters can know exactly what to expect. In addition, each LNG carrier will be piloted by two BC Coast Pilots who know our coast best, and will be escorted by at least three tug boats, which will help to spot small boats and ensure safe passage at all times.

As for travelling only at night, we currently don’t have plans to restrict LNG carrier passage to day or night, but we have committed to implementing any recommendations that come out of Transport Canada’s TERMPOL review process. Learn more about TERMPOL here.