Hi Kris,

It’s great to hear you’re interested in working on our project.

At Woodfibre LNG, we’re committed to hiring qualified local workers, businesses and contractors first. To help us understand what services are available locally, we’re encouraging businesses and contractors to sign up in our Business Directory.

At the peak of construction, we’ll provide approximately 650 jobs. Since LNG export facilities are new to British Columbia and Canada, we expect that a small percentage of the construction workforce will be made up of international workers with unique skills that are not available in Canada.

That said, based on the information we gathered for our Environmental Assessment Certificate Application, we anticipate sourcing the majority – approximately 80 per cent – of direct construction employment from within Canada, and most of this from within BC.

At the moment, we’re working through parallel Front-End Engineering and Design (FEED) processes for the Project with KBR, Inc. and JGC America, Inc., and we expect to award one of these groups the Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contract at the end of this process.

Once a preferred EPC contractor is announced, we’ll share the Business Directory with them, and we’d encourage you to contact them and discuss the skills you have to offer.

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