The Woodfibre site has been home to industrial activity since the early 1900’s. When Woodfibre LNG purchased the property, we earmarked millions of dollars for the site to be cleaned-up to the industrial standards of today.

As part of this cleanup process, contaminated upland soils were remediated and the historical on-site asbestos disposal area was closed. To improve fish habitat off the Woodfibre site, approximately 4,900 m3 (490 dump truck loads) of historic wood waste was also removed from Howe Sound.

This wood waste was used as structural fill in the onsite landfill. The landfill on the Woodfibre property is a permitted landfill with a leachate treatment system.

You may also be interested to know that Woodfibre has committed to further remediation of the site, including the safe removal of about 3,000 creosote-coated piles from the site’s waterfront.