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Woodfibre LNG extends timeline on Squamish project


Mar 24, 2020

Excerpt from The Squamish Chief

The construction of Woodfibre LNG has been delayed, in part, due to COVID-19, the company said on Tuesday.

The company is currently applying to the provincial Environmental Assessment Office for an extension to its Environmental Assessment Certificate, which is set to expire in October.

Company officials are asking to extend the certificate for five years.

Construction, expected to begin this summer, is now expected to start in the summer of 2021.

The Environmental Assessment (EA) Certificate for the Woodfibre LNG Project was issued on Oct. 26, 2015 to Woodfibre with the requirement that the project be substantially started within five years.

“On March 24, 2020, pursuant to subsection 31(2) of the Environmental Assessment Act 2018, Woodfibre LNG applied for a one-time five-year extension to the duration of the EA Certificate,” read a statement to The Chief from the B.C. Environmental Assessment Office:

Once the EAO accepts the extension request for review, the office will seek advice from a technical advisory committee and Indigenous nations on whether to grant the extension.

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