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Notification: Work underway at the Woodfibre LNG site


Dec 19, 2016

SQUAMISH, BC – Work is currently underway at the Woodfibre LNG site to address capacity and piping issues related to the historical landfill and leachate treatment plant and supporting infrastructure.

During the last week of November 2016, Woodfibre LNG staff identified five incidents where leachate diluted with rainwater spilled onto the ground at the Woodfibre site. Each incident happened during periods of intense rain and was reported to the BC Ministry of Environment and Emergency Management BC.
The incidents happened well back from the foreshore of Woodfibre site (more than 100 metres from Mill Creek). There is no evidence that the rainwater diluted leachate entered Howe Sound.

The leachate treatment system is being monitored by Woodfibre LNG employees, and engineering and environmental consultants, 24-hours a day. Piping is being replaced, and spill response equipment including pumps and a vacuum truck has been moved to the site to address the issues in the short term. These measures will remain in place until a permanent solution, which includes the installation of additional leachate treatment equipment, can be implemented.
Woodfibre LNG Limited remains in regular contact with the BC Ministry of Environment while we work to resolve these issues.


The Woodfibre landfill, which contains historical wood waste from former pulp mill operations, dates back to the late 1970’s. The original landfill was unlined, and a second lined landfill was constructed overtop of the original landfill in 1992.
On September 8, 2016, a spill of diluted leachate occurred at the Woodfibre site when a pipe that connected the onsite landfill to the leachate treatment plant broke during routine maintenance. The spill was contained and immediately cleaned-up. None of the spill entered Howe Sound and the spill was reported to BC Ministry of Environment and Emergency Management BC.
Woodfibre LNG Limited took ownership of the Woodfibre site from Western Forest Products in February 2015.
If members of the public have any questions about the work, please don’t hesitate to call the Woodfibre LNG Information Line at 1-888-801-7929 or drop by the Community Office #43 – 40137 Government Road (Amblepath), Squamish, BC.

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