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Upstream Emissions & Woodfibre LNG


Feb 9, 2016

A statement from Byng Giraud, Country Manager & Vice President, Corporate Affairs, Woodfibre LNG Limited:

“The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (CEA Agency) today released a report about upstream and pipeline greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with our project.

Over the next several days, our engineers and environmental consultants will review the report to establish a better understanding of the methodology used and the findings before submitting an official response to the CEA Agency. As the report indicates, Woodfibre LNG is not engaged in any upstream operations or activities but rather will be purchasing natural gas from sources in Canada, specifically British Columbia and Alberta.

The information in the report is available to the public for comment, and will help inform the Minister of Environment and Climate Change Catherine McKenna in her decision on our project.

At Woodfibre LNG Limited, we remain cautiously optimistic that our project will receive federal approval as we have repeatedly demonstrated a commitment to meeting a higher standard for industrial projects.

For example, the Woodfibre site is located on the traditional territory of the Squamish Nation. The Squamish Nation has established its own independent environmental review process, which we entered into more than two years ago. This review was conducted by the Squamish Nation and their environmental consultants, involved community consultation, and resulted in a conditional environmental approval of our project.

Woodfibre LNG will also be powered by electricity from BC Hydro. This decision resulted from community consultation, where people in Squamish voiced concerns about direct emissions from our project. By powering our facility with electricity instead of natural gas, we will reduce our GHG’s by about 80%, and make our project one of the cleanest LNG facilities in the world.”

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