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Woodfibre LNG commits to electric power


May 13, 2014

SQUAMISH, BC – Woodfibre LNG today announced that its proposed liquefaction project will run off electric power. The decision was guided by the input and feedback generated from community consultation, which was relayed to the Woodfibre LNG project team. Compared with the alternative option of gas turbines, electric drives for compression will drastically reduce the level of air emissions produced.

“We sought input from the community at an early stage and ‘air quality’ was a top concern. Our engineers have now confirmed that going electric is indeed feasible, so the choice is a clear one,” said Byng Giraud, Vice President of Corporate Affairs, Woodfibre LNG, “We have full confidence in the electric drive technologies available and will continue to work with the community to develop this project into one that meets the high standards under which our company operates and that Squamish residents expect.”

In comparison with using gas turbine drives for the main refrigerant compressors, selection of electric drives would reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) by approximately 80%.

Engineering decisions on design and configuration as well as baseline environmental studies are ongoing, but are now fully directed toward this commitment to electricity. Further Woodfibre-led consultation sessions are to come.

Woodfibre LNG is committed to community and First Nations engagement in order to develop a safe, environmentally responsible, world class facility that will also provide strong socio-economic benefits for Squamish BC and the surrounding areas.

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