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Progress for the Community. Progress for the Climate.

LNG is Canada’s opportunity to provide clean natural gas to growing markets in Asia. Once operational, Woodfibre LNG will be the cleanest LNG facility in the world, providing over 100 stable, family-supporting operations jobs for the lifetime of the project. We are working to create prosperity here at home while reducing climate change and air pollution globally.

The Woodfibre Story

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The latest on what’s happening at Woodfibre.

Our Environmental Impact

Woodfibre LNG will be powered by renewable hydroelectricity, making it the cleanest LNG facility in the world. Canadian LNG exported to Asia will offset coal as an energy source and help reduce emissions by more than 45%.

Switching from coal-fired electricity to Woodfibre LNG saves emissions equal to:

Years of Squamish emissions

Trips from Vancouver to Toronto (passenger vehicle)

Passenger vehicles taken off the road each year

Reduction in emissions when natural gas replaces coal

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View of Howe Sound from Woodfibre LNG site

Safety is a Priority at Woodfibre

LNG has been safely shipped around the world for over 60 years without a single loss of containment. As a small scale LNG project, Woodfibre LNG anticipates there will be one LNG carrier calling at the terminal every 10 days (approximately 2-3 per month).

Knots travel speed. 12 knots lower than a BC Ferry

LNG has been shipped safely around the world for 60 years

Day intervals between carrier arrivals at Woodfibre

Tugs escorting each carrier to Woodfibre LNG

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Site visit at Woodfibre near Squamish, BC, worker pointing at map

Careers with Woodfibre

The Woodfibre LNG project is expected to create up to 650 construction jobs, with hiring preference given to qualified Squamish Nation members, Squamish residents, British Columbians and Canadians – in that order.

Full time jobs during construction

Full time jobs once operational

Indirect and induced jobs during operation

Local companies hired for site clean-up

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