Thank you for your question.

Woodfibre LNG is working closely with the community to ensure we hire a quality local workforce and contract local businesses and suppliers, whenever we can.

If Woodfibre LNG is approved, our Project will create more than 650 direct jobs at the peak of construction, and an additional 1,080 + jobs (indirect and induced employment) during the construction phase of the project.

Based on the information we gathered for our Environmental Assessment Certificate Application, we anticipate sourcing the majority – approximately 60 per cent – of direct construction employment from the local labour force. That’s the area stretching from Metro Vancouver to Whistler.

Given that LNG export facilities are new to British Columbia and Canada, we anticipate that about 14% of the construction workforce will be made up of international workers with unique skills that are not available in Canada.

But again, we do want to hire locally first whenever we can so if you own a business, or want to work on our Project, we’d encourage you to visit the Work With Us page on our website for more information.