Hi Darren,

We respectfully disagree with you on this, but we do appreciate your question. So thanks for posting it to our site.

At Woodfibre LNG Limited, we believe the Woodfibre site is the right fit for LNG.  It is zoned for industrial use and has seen industry on the site for more than 100 years; it has a deepwater port; it has access to established shipping routes; and it has access to both a FortisBC pipeline and the BC Hydro transmission grid.

We are also of the view that tourism and industry can work together to create responsible economic development in Squamish. Since 2013, we’ve been working closely with the community to ensure our Project is the right fit for Squamish, and for B.C.

As a result, Woodfibre LNG has made meaningful changes to the Project.  For example, in response to concerns about the possibility that the LNG facility would run on a gas turbine, Woodfibre LNG committed to powering the plant using electricity from BC Hydro. This will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by about 80 per cent, and will help make Woodfibre one of the cleanest LNG plants in the world.