Thanks for your question.

Woodfibre LNG is committed to keeping our waterways safe. That’s why we have volunteered to participate in – and follow the recommendations of – Transport Canada’s TERMPOL Review Committee, which includes Transport Canada, Pacific Pilotage Authority, BC Coast Pilots and the Canadian Coast Guard.

Subject to this review, we have also committed to deploying at least three tugs in an escort pattern for each LNG carrier that comes to our site – at least one of which will be tethered – to provide a dynamic safety awareness zone for recreational and pleasure craft around the LNG carrier during its transit within Howe Sound.

This dynamic safety awareness zone would extend up to 50 meters on either side of the vessel and up to 500 metres in front and, being dynamic in nature, would be transient with the movement of the LNG carrier. This arrangement of tugs also serves as an emergency provision to address contingencies that may require the vessel to stop or engage in manoeuvres at very short notice.