Hi Danika,

Thank you for the question.

We’re not 100% comfortable speaking on behalf of the provincial government, but we can share with you the following:

In November 2016, BC NDP leader John Horgan (then the leader of the official opposition) had this to say about the Woodfibre LNG Project:

“…the proponents have respectfully engaged with First Nations, will provide job training and good, family-supporting jobs to local people, and will proceed in a way that minimizes climate changing emissions at the plant. B.C.’s New Democrats are supportive of Woodfibre LNG and the jobs and economic activity it will bring to our province.”

We are currently working with government to address some competitiveness issues.  One example is a new tariff (May 2017) on importing Fabricated Industrial Steel Components (FISC) that has cross industry impacts in Canada. It’s meant to help protect Canada’s steel industry from foreign competitors, but in this case the Canadian steel industry is unable to manufacture to the scale of the modules required for LNG facilities.

In addition, Premier Horgan is heading off on a trade mission to Asia later this month, which includes promotion of a BC liquefied natural gas industry.

Thanks again for submitting the question.

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The Woodfibre LNG Team

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