We’ve studied the potential noise, light and visual impacts of our proposed Project on Squamish and other communities along Howe Sound, and we are making important decisions to ensure we are good stewards of our local environment.

For example, we will direct lighting downward, and ensure it is shielded and constantly managed so we are only emitting light when absolutely necessary. And if lighting is not needed for safety or security, we will turn it off.

With regard to noise, whenever possible during construction, operation and decommissioning, we’ll schedule high-noise emitting maintenance activities during the day and notify residents prior to high-noise emitting maintenance activities.

When it comes to air emissions, we listened to the community and made an important commitment early in the process to power our facility with electricity from BC Hydro. This will reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by about 80 per cent, making Woodfibre LNG one of the cleanest LNG facilities in the world.

At peak capacity, the Project will have a greenhouse gas intensity of 0.059 t CO2e per tonne LNG, which is well below the threshold of 0.16 t CO2e per tonne LNG in the Greenhouse Gas Industrial Reporting and Control Act.

With regard to the flare, the flare is not continuous. In fact, the plant will be flaring less than 3 per cent of the time. That’s because the flare is only used for testing and start-up when the plant first comes into operation, in some cases for routine maintenance or when LNG is being loaded onto an LNG carrier, and following an unscheduled event like a significant power loss or emergency.

We understand how important it is to be a good neighbour and good stewards of the local environment. As you can see, we are taking action throughout various aspects of our Project to ensure we are respecting the local environment.

More detailed information is available in the application we submitted for our Environmental Assessment Certificate Application.