Thank you for the question.

Freshwater will be needed to support Woodfibre LNG production processes, infrastructure for employees (domestic and potable water), and firefighting.  Water would be diverted from Mill Creek, which runs through the centre of the project site, through a buried gravity pipe and storage tank.

Approximately 0.007 m3/s of freshwater will be withdrawn from Mill Creek during normal project operation, or about 0.2 % of the creek flow will be diverted.

During construction and decommissioning of the Woodfibre LNG Project, the water diversion rate will be about 0.07 m3/s.
Our freshwater requirements will be further refined during the detailed design and permitting phases of our project.

You can learn more about Woodfibre LNG Limited’s water requirements by reading Section 5.9 Surface Water Quantity of our Environmental Assessment Certificate application.