Hi Richard,

Building a project that is right for Squamish, and BC, is our number one priority. In terms of job opportunities that means whenever we can, we want to hire qualified locals first.

Our project will create an estimated 650(+) jobs per year over the two-year construction period, and about 100(+) full-time jobs (in shifts) at the facility during operation.

If you are wondering how we will know if we have delivered on our commitment to hiring and contracting a qualified local workforce whenever possible – through BC’s environmental assessment approval process, Woodfibre LNG is required to develop a local hiring strategy and a local training strategy; both of these strategies will be monitored and reported on. We are also required to provide information regarding job opportunities and subcontracting business opportunities to the local community. In addition, Woodfibre LNG Limited is required to design and deliver programs to support Aboriginal employment and contracting opportunities, skills training and education opportunities.

With all of this in mind, if you are interested in working with us or would like to register your business in our business directory, please visit the Work With Us section of our website.