Here is a breakdown of some of the important benefits our Project will bring:

Jobs: Woodfibre LNG will create more than 650 direct jobs during each year of construction, as well as more than 100 long-term local jobs during operation. These are good-paying jobs that will bring more prosperity to the local economy.

Revenue: During operation, Woodfibre LNG will contribute approximately $84 million each year in tax revenues to all three levels of government. Included in this will be $2 million each year in local taxes to the District of Squamish – money that can be used for important local programs and services.

Indirect benefits: Woodfibre LNG will lead to direct and indirect spin-off economic benefits throughout the community. This will mean new business for local shops and restaurants, as well as increased revenue for tourism and outdoor recreation. We estimate that Woodfibre LNG will create more than 1,080 indirect and induced jobs during construction and more than 330 indirect and induced jobs during operation.

For more information, attached below is the board on economic benefits we presented during the Open Houses put on by the Environmental Assessment Office. It gives a more fulsome picture of the economic benefits our Project is expected to deliver.