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While Woodfibre LNG and Pacific Northwest LNG are both liquefied natural gas (LNG) processing and export facilities in British Columbia, we are different in a few key ways: location, size, ownership and emissions.

  • The Woodfibre LNG Project is located at the former Woodfibre pulp mill site, near Squamish, BC, on British Columbia’s south coast about 70 kilometres from downtown Vancouver. Pacific NorthWest LNG is planned for Lelu Island, near Prince Rupert, BC, which is about a 16 hour drive from Squamish, BC.
  • Woodfibre LNG is licenced to export 2.1 million tonnes of LNG per year,  while Pacific NorthWest is much larger – 18 million tonnes of LNG per year.
  • In terms of ownership – the Woodfibre LNG Project is owned and operated by Woodfibre LNG Limited, a privately held Canadian company based in Vancouver, British Columbia. We are a subsidiary of Pacific Oil & Gas Limited, which is part of the Singapore-based RGE group of companies. Meanwhile, Pacific NorthWest LNG is majority owned by PETRONAS, Malaysia’s national energy company and one of the world’s leading energy suppliers.
  • In terms of our emissions, Woodfibre LNG will be powered by electricity from BC Hydro (instead of natural gas) which will reduce our emissions by more than 80%, and make Woodfibre LNG one of the cleanest LNG facilities in the world.

You can find more information about both projects at Woodfibrelng.ca, and Pacific NorthWest LNG.

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