Hi David,

Thanks for your questions.

The Woodfibre LNG Project is being designed to incinerate the elements from the feed gas that have to be removed because they would freeze during the liquefaction process.  There are no plans to vent gas.

As for the regulations you are asking about – LNG facilities have to be designed and built in accordance with the British Columbia (BC) Oil and Gas Activities Act, and the associated Liquefied Natural Gas Facility Regulation. Section 17 of the Liquefied Natural Gas Facility Regulation imposes limits on the quantity of gas that can be vented from an LNG facility. Similarly, Section 18 of the Liquefied Natural Gas Facility Regulation limits the amount of gas that can be flared. The Oil and Gas Commission has prepared the Flaring and Venting Reduction Guideline (April 2015) that provides regulatory requirements and guidance for flaring, incinerating and venting in British Columbia.