Hi Lorena,

Thanks for your question. We have released some draft illustrations of what the site will look like, you can see one here: https://woodfibrelng.ca/about-lng/

Regarding outdoor boating activities, we believe that Squamish is Canada’s outdoor recreation capital and we intend to help keep it that way. LNG carriers will travel at very low speeds through Howe Sound – about eight to 10 knots –ensuring they don’t create a large wake and that they can safely share the waters with recreational boaters.

The LNG vessels will come in and out of the Sound on established shipping lanes about once every 10 days – fewer than already come and go from Squamish Terminals. Woodfibre will also post a schedule of what days the carriers are expected, so boaters can know exactly what to expect.

The vessels will also be escorted in the Sound by at least two tugboats, which will help to spot small boats and will enhance the safety of the vessel and other users of the waters along the route, as well as ensure safe passage at all times during the transit. Each LNG carrier will also be guided to and from Woodfibre by two BC Coast Pilots, who are intimately familiar with Howe Sound and who know our waters the best.

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