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Safety is our number one priority; the safety of our employees, the safety of our operations and the safety of the surrounding communities.

It’s important to know that LNG shipping is very safe. In fact, there has never been a loss of containment of LNG at sea in 50 years of LNG shipping.  Plus, in the very unlikely event of an LNG spill, LNG does not mix with land or water; it quickly changes from a liquid to a gas and dissipates.

For LNG to lead to an explosion, it must first warm to a gaseous state and three conditions must occur simultaneously: there must be a confined space; the right fuel to air ratio (5% to 15%); and, there must be a spark – conditions that LNG carriers and LNG processing plants are designed to guard against.

In addition, studying probable worst case scenarios, is an important part of designing an LNG facility and establishing operation and shipping protocols and procedures.

Again, processing and shipping LNG are very safe – and at Woodfibre LNG, we are committed to maintaining this impressive safety record.