Hi Harry,

You may be interested to know that Squamish Nation Council has approved an Environmental Assessment Agreement with Woodfibre LNG Limited, which among other conditions, gives Squamish Nation a direct say on what cooling technology is used to remove heat during the liquefaction process.

If after a review, seawater cooling remains the preferred cooling method, a sodium hypochlorite (chlorine) solution will be added to the seawater in a closed loop system to discourage the growth of marine organisms that can cause clogging and make the system less efficient. The dosage of hypochlorite solution will be optimized and adjusted so that the minimum necessary amount is added to the seawater.

Before being discharged back into Howe Sound, the seawater will pass through a de-aeration tank. This tank is designed to encourage mixing of seawater and air, which removes chlorine from the water.

If it is needed, a de-chlorination agent will be added to the seawater to reduce the chlorine concentration to meet water quality guidelines.

If you would like more information on the proposed seawater cooling system, please see our information sheet, or view Section 5.10 of our Environmental Assessment Certificate Application.