As you likely know, Woodfibre LNG has committed to power its plant using electricity from BC Hydro, making us one of the cleanest LNG plants in the world.

We anticipate we will require a normal operating load of 140-150 Megawatts (MW) and a peak operating load of 185MW.

You may also be interested to know what we’ll be paying for electricity.

The BC government announced in 2014 that BC Hydro would be charging LNG proponents $83.02 per megawatt hour (MWh). That was what they said the combined energy and demand charge would be in 2014, before applicable taxes. By comparison, in 2014 the average industrial customer in B.C. paid a combined energy and demand charge of $54.34, before applicable taxes.

That means LNG proponents will be paying our fair share for electricity. Like other LNG proponents, Woodfibre LNG will also pay the full cost of connecting to the BC Hydro system, as well as any transmission system upgrades necessary to serve our facility.

You can find more details about the government’s announcement here.