Hi Angela,

Thank you for your question.

The LNG carriers that would come to our proposed Project are 295 metres long and 47 metres wide – about the same as a cruise ship. It’s also worth noting that LNG carriers are designed for the safe transport of LNG, including complex containment systems and double-hull protection.  Each LNG carrier arriving at the Woodfibre LNG terminal will be escorted by at least three tugboats, one of which will be tethered, and piloted by two BC Coast Pilots who are experts on our coast.

Woodfibre LNG Limited has no plans to have LNG carriers bunkering in English Bay or Howe Sound. The LNG carriers that would come to and from our proposed project will primarily use the boil off gas (methane) from the LNG they are transporting as fuel.  This means these vessels will not bunker in English Bay or Howe Sound. While LNG carriers typically carry bunker fuel as a back-up fuel, the ships’ operators will arrange for bunkering elsewhere, likely at overseas facilities.

For more information on LNG carrier safety, we’ve included a video from Stephen Brown, President and CEO of the Chamber of Shipping of British Columbia.