Hi BP,

Thank you for your question.

The Woodfibre LNG Project was not evaluated on the four sustainability principles of The Natural Step.  We have, however, set a clear direction across our organization to strive for sustainability and community involvement in everything we do. That is best reflected in our mission statement, which is published on our websiteWoodfibre LNG strives to achieve business objectives through a triple bottom line approach, where results are mutually beneficial to the community, the country and the company.

These guiding principles have led us to make several important decisions throughout the course of our Project. For example, we committed to use electricity from BC Hydro to power our liquefaction plant instead of burning natural gas at the proposed Project site. This will reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by about 80 per cent and will help make ours one of the cleanest LNG facilities in the world.

The proposed Woodfibre LNG Project has also lead to significant clean-up and remediation at the Woodfibre site – a former pulp mill that has seen more than a century of industrial use. For more on those efforts, please see our project newsletter on remediation.