Hi David,

Thank you for your question.

From the very beginning, Woodfibre LNG has been committed to listening to the community, and building a project that is right for Squamish and right for BC – and this includes environmental stewardship.

By exporting natural gas – the cleanest burning fossil fuel available – we are helping other places in the world reduce carbon dioxide emissions. In fact, an independent study commissioned by CLNG and performed by Pace Global Energy Services found that by replacing just one 500 Megawatt coal-fired power plant with natural gas fueled power generation for one year, equates to taking 557,000 cars off the roads.

We have also made an important decision to address emissions here at home by committing to power our proposed plant, should it be built, with electricity from BC Hydro. By using electricity to power the plant, we will reduce GHG’s by approximately 80 per cent and other air pollutants such as nitrogen oxides (smog) 90 per cent.

For another perspective on global warming and climate change, you may want to read a recent piece published in The Vancouver Sun by Elizabeth and Richard Muller, who founded the non-profit Berkeley Earth to study global warming and climate change.