LNG does not burn or explode because it does not contain oxygen. It is also important to note that LNG is not kept under pressure.

These factors allow companies like ours to produce and transport LNG extremely safely.

That said, in the very unlikely event LNG is ever released, an explosion is possible, but only under very specific circumstances.

For an explosion to occur, three things must all happen simultaneously:

  1. The gas must be contained in a confined space;
  2. The ratio between gas and air must be within a very specific range (5% – 15%);
  3. There must be a spark present.

These are unlikely to happen because in the event of any release, LNG turns into a gas and quickly dissipates up into the air. This means LNG is very safe.

This is also unlikely because LNG facilities and carriers – such as those that would be in use at Woodfibre – always use state-of-the-art monitoring systems and are built specifically to ensure the release of LNG never takes place