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Thank you for the question. 

Here is how the Squamish Nation describes the agreement and conditions:

 Woodfibre LNG Agreement & Environmental Certificate Conditions

 The Agreement is a conditional approval of the LNG plant based on WLNG (Woodfibre LNG) meeting all 13 conditions by the Squamish Nation. If WLNG fails to meet even one condition the SN can revoke our agreement It provides legal strength for the Nation to hold WLNG to the Agreement. It legally binds WLNG to meet all conditions

  1. Forces WLNG to conduct further independent studies on current and alternate cooling techniques a. The Squamish Nation (SN) will have the final say on which technology gets picked. (Squamish Nation consent). b. If WLNG doesn’t comply with SN decision the Nation can take Legal Action
  2. WLNG is bound to create a Green Zone in and around Mill Creek and develop a long term plan to re-mediate and restore Mill Creek. a. They also have to recognize that the project is located on former village of Swiyat.
  3. WLNG must develop a Water Management Plan for Mill Creek to ensure adequate water levels for aquatic life and salmon a. SN will need to provide approvals for Water Management Plan.
  4. WLNG will provide funding to SN to develop a SN Marine Use Plan to analyze the cumulative impacts of Industrial projects in the Howe Sound
  5. WLNG will provide controlled and safe access to SN members to the surrounding area to practice Aboriginal Rights.
  6. WLNG must develop an Environmental Management Program with SN, which gives the Nation authority and approval mechanisms on Environmental Management Plans.
  7. WLNG will provide insurance coverage or Bond to protect ALL SN members to address personal loss or injury due to project.
  8. WLNG cannot expand the project without Squamish Nation approval.
  9. WLNG cannot allow transfer of any bunker fuel to LNG tankers anywhere in our waters.
  10. WLNG will conduct noise monitoring studies on marine mammals that includes mitigation measures and monitoring programs to address impacts on mammals.
  11. WLNG agrees to use only for LNG purposes, there will be no oil or diluted bitumen transported through project
  12. WLNG and SN will develop co-management and monitoring plans to ensure all plans and mitigation measures are adhered to.
  13. The agreement is conditional on WLNG and SN coming to an Impact Benefit Agreement.

Both Squamish Nation and WLNG will develop an Environmental Working Group to ensure the Agreement and all work/plans are implemented. The Agreement also creates a Dispute Resolution process along with legal remedies if conditions are not met.