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Project Background

Woodfibre LNG is a proposed Liquefied Natural Gas export facility in south-western British Columbia.

The Woodfibre LNG Project is owned and operated by Woodfibre LNG Limited, a privately held Canadian company based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Woodfibre LNG Limited is the owner of the former Woodfibre pulp mill site, which is located midway between Vancouver and Whistler.

Committed to the highest standards for environmental and social responsibility, Woodfibre is on track to be the cleanest LNG facility in the world, once operational. Woodfibre is also the only industrial project in Canada, and possibly in the world, to have received an environmental approval from an Indigenous government in the absence of a treaty. Since the Project was launched, Woodfibre LNG has received three environmental approvals: from the B.C. and Canadian governments, and from the Squamish Nation. Today, Woodfibre is proud to acknowledge the Squamish Nation as a full regulator on the project.

For nearly 100 years, the site was used as a pulp and paper operation, which closed in 2006. The site is also a historic village used by the Squamish Nation for seasonal fishing, known by its traditional name of Swi’yat. The Project site is a deep water port and has been industrial for over a century.

A well-positioned and largely de-risked LNG project, Woodfibre has no remaining key environmental assessment approvals outstanding. The Project will address growing LNG demand from both mature and emerging economies that can benefit from competitive supply from a new, low-risk, differentiated source.

Woodfibre LNG will source its natural gas from Pacific Canbriam Energy, a Canadian company with operations in northeastern British Columbia. Pacific Canbriam is an industry leader in sustainable natural gas production, especially with respect to water management. Woodfibre LNG and Pacific Canbriam Energy are subsidiaries of Pacific Oil & Gas Limited.

Woodfibre LNG strives to achieve business objectives through a quintuple bottom line approach, where results are mutually beneficial to the community, country, climate, customer and company. Woodfibre LNG is proud to be part of the Squamish community and is deeply committed to ensuring local benefits stay there. The Project is expected to create over 100 stable, full-time jobs once operational.

The Woodfibre LNG Project sets a new global standard for clean natural gas export and we look forward to building the cleanest LNG facility in the world.

Media Releases

Woodfibre LNG invests millions in Squamish community and businesses: update to District

VANCOUVER – Woodfibre LNG provided an update to District of Squamish Council yesterday, highlighting the Company’s community investment and significant progress towards the overall remediation of the Woodfibre site. “Since 2013, we have contributed over $3 million to the Squamish community in taxes and contributions, approximately $10 million in contracts to Squamish Nation business partners, and…

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Woodfibre LNG project to seek expanded worker housing options

VANCOUVER – In response to widespread community feedback, Woodfibre LNG has filed a proposed Amendment to the project’s Environmental Assessment Approvals. The Amendment seeks BC Environmental Assessment Office (BC EAO), Impact Assessment Agency of Canada (IAAC) and Squamish Nation approval to house construction workers in a floating worker camp (“the floatel”). The proposed floatel would…

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