What are the benefits for Squamish?

Woodfibre is a project that always puts community first – and we are proud to continue to invest in the community and in our Squamish Nation partners. Since 2013, we have contributed over $3 million to the Squamish community in… Read the rest

What makes Woodfibre LNG so much better?

Woodfibre LNG will be one of the few hydroelectric powered LNG facilities in the world, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 80%. The decision to power the facility with electricity from BC Hydro instead of natural gas was in response… Read the rest

Who is Woodfibre regulated by?

We are regulated by the Canadian Government, the B.C. government and the Squamish Nation. We are the first industrial project in Canada to be regulated by and receive an environmental approval from First Nations, in the absence of a treaty.… Read the rest

How is LNG shipped?

LNG is transported to international markets by insulated, double-hulled ships that carry LNG. LNG carriers have double hulls and primary and secondary cargo containment systems. Proven on-board safety systems include gas detection and low temperature monitoring, heat and fire detection,… Read the rest

Is LNG shipping safe?

LNG has one of the best shipping record of any industry, with over 60 years without any significant incident resulting in a loss of cargo at sea or in port. LNG tankers on their way to and from the Woodfibre… Read the rest

Why should B.C. export LNG?

There is a tremendous opportunity for natural gas from B.C., exported as LNG, to make a global contribution while benefitting First Nations, British Columbians and Canadians here at home. We have a wealth of natural resources that the world needs… Read the rest